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Due to radiation from nearby nuclear weapon, some shrooms in the forest have mutated. You and your shroom friends must bring shrooms to the shroom sage so he can summon the biggest shroom – Nuclear Shroom!

Who will help to summon shroom god? Remember only one of you will get glory from shroom god. Every shrooms will want the glory for themselves, so they  will try to stop, kill and collect others since evryone of you as well is a shroom!

In the forest also live ultimate predator and nemesis of shrooms – goats! They will hunt down all of you without mercy. The goats like to play with they prey first. Befor devouring a meal they like to stun it few times. Stuned shroom is easy to be collected by others.

Finally, the forest has not been overlooked by nuclear radiation. It mutated into several biomes with unique trees that help shrooms to navigate through the forest.

Good luck and get holy glory for bringing the ShroomDoom!

4 player split screen Shroom Royal game.

To play you need 3 friends, 1 keyboard, 3 console controllers and one PC with high end GPU.


1 player – keyboard:

  • Movement – [Arrows]
  • Action – [Space]

2-4 player – controller:

  • Movement – [D-Pad]
  • Action – (xBox)[A], (PS)[X] 

ShroomDoom was made during Slavic Game Jam

AuthorsJohnMeadow, Neina, Hiryu, Drarch
Made withGodot
Tagsgodot-3, mushroom
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


ShroomDoom_x64_build.zip 35 MB
source.zip 47 MB

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