Game made for GameOFF jam. theme HYBRID.
What can be worse HYBRID than Skydiving performed by Knights in full metal armor.

"You don't need a parachute to go skydiving. You need parachute to go skydiving Twice"

Arrow keys - movement
Z - attack
X - block
Esc - Skip/Restart

Chip Jockey

Game made in Godot Engine 3.0 - Free, open source and community-driven game engine.


Download 62 MB
Download 67 MB
Download 81 MB
Download 68 MB

Development log


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Lovely opening scene. It might be good idea to add volume control. Also would be nice to have some hp bars on enemies. 

Overall very good, kudos!

(late response by just another guy playing it)
the color is the health bar


Simple and fun. Love the knights and the comic at the beginning killed me xD

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Thanks. Glad you liked it.
Our artist will be happy to hear the feedback.


So sad when the game ends. You are just looking at the holes in the ground, no emotions. Love it.

We are hesitating whether the ending should be bloody or cartoonist.


Simplistic in nature, fun to play. What else can I say?

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Thank you for feedback.
We hope to add more of actual gameplay, as we spent not enough time on it.
Option to defeat your opponents would be nice to have.